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Cuisine at Govc-Vršnik

It began with sour milk and modest overnight accommodation more than forty years ago.

On our farm in the Roban Valley ,in the Upper Savinja Valley, that amazing resemblance to the valley of peace, We are already in 1960 started to charge the first guestbook - those, who have the arduous route stop only at snack, in tistih, who spend a few days on the farm.


Lunch Govc17,00€
Lunch with starter19,00€
Curd cheese strukelj (rolls) with cranberry sauce7,00€
Meat zlinkrofi (dumplings)9,00€
Vegetable zlinkrofi (dumplings)9,00€
Homemade sausage with sauerkraut7,00€
Pork roast with a side dish 9,00€
Side dishes2,50€
Dessert of the day2,50€
Homemade sausages plate9,00€
Home pate or butter with bread4,00€
A plate of diary products (curd, cream, butter, sir)6,00€
Sourmilk with bread2,50€
Žganci 2,50€